Women Empowerment

Why Women Empowerment

Gender equality for womens for physical security, opportunities for adult education, overall productivity, income generation capacity, nutritional status, and overall health and well-being to become equal partners in the development process

 , MSKPP is driving access of economic opportunities and enabling their participation in decision-making. 


Helping women find their voice is deeply empowering and has a ripple effect on families and society. WOTR believes that women’s issues cannot be addressed in isolation but within their social and institutional milieu. Women’s representation is crucial in social, political and economic processes for a thriving society.
Whilst gender is a cross-cutting theme across all our activities, specific initiatives aimed at women are:



SHGs formed consisting of about 10,000 women members


New women-led enterprises launched


Micro saving and micro finance.


Savings and credit groups promotion/training supported


Sakhi Credit Cooperative

Organic Compost

Mahila Panchayat Federation

Stop Migration, Infertility, Malnutrition, Gender issues


Creation of Nari Shakti Panchayat Federation

Mahila Panchayat Federation was formed from women’s organization – the women elected in the panchayat were told their rights from time to time and the implementation of the work was explained in a better way so that their dependence on men could be reduced and women could know their rights.

Panch and Sarpanch together have formed a federation. Nari Shakti Mahila Panchayat should raise their demands like women sarpanch does not get importance due to which women have to be deprived of many rights, provision should be made for more amount of gender budget in women panchayat ward, constitutional information to women panch sarpanch Arrangements should be made for training for women sarpanch, atrocities should be taken seriously under the field of work and redressed.

Informed about their rights in relation to domestic violence, on International Women’s Day they were made to realize their rights and power.

Many opportunities were made available in the village to bring women forward to do evil work in the society. The biggest advantage of this was that wherever there is self-help, evils like liquor, gambling, betting are dying in the villages.

In order to provide a better place to the poor and hard working women in the village, they have been engaged in such work, which has not only helped them grow economically, but has also emerged as ideal. Kaushalya Bai, who never crossed the threshold of her house, is now considered no less than the head of the village. She has helped all the women of her family and organization by joining the self-help group. She took training in dairy and has now emerged as a role model. She is not only earning profits from dairy but also has expertise in making organic fertilizers and fodder for animals. Now Kaushaila Bai is happy with her changed situation and her family is also happy too and thanks MSKPP again and again