Water Management-

Construction & Pond Deepning – There are Five (5) ponds constrcted & deeping work in Mohanpur, Shivpur, Mahatopara and Karichapar village name are continue Kishan Bandhia, Kusal Bandhia, Samaybandhia, Mahto bandhia & Daya Sagar and Keraha nall Buding. After this constrution several formers are direct benefit from this step. Irrigated by ponds & storage of rain water also present time. So this is a good work for water management. Construction of Check Dam in Karichapar village and diversion the rain water in Talab.
Some details about development of water resources –

Sl. Ponds name/ Village No. of family Irrigated land
No. Activities benefitted (in Acrss.)
1. Kishan Bandhia Mohanpur 17 34.50
2. Kusal Bandhia Shivpur 27 28.25
3. Samay Bandhia Shivpur 09 21.05
4. Mahato Bandhia Jevara 68 100.45
5. Dayaram Bandhia Karichhapar 16 30
6. Keraha Nala Karichhapar 21 57

A number of soil, water and land based activities completed during this year. Soil and water conservation like construction of diversion channel (Nala) pond renovation, new pond construction, have been implemented.
Training on sustainable agriculture, demonstration, exposure has been undertaken.
Due to the implementation of these measures the following is the impacts.
M.S.K.P.P. also facilitated the process of organizing small and marginal farmer’s agriculture labours to sustainable agriculture process. We have given great importance is the participation of the community in the process.

Impact :-

  • Due to land development work the landless have been able to improve their income through empowerment.
  • The field has increased in their land due to increased fertility and better management of water resources. Due to awareness levels the morale of the villages offer the project intervention has gone up and they look at the future with hope and inspiration.
  • The people there are more organized and work together for their growth; upliftment and self -reliance. Implementation of these measures have increased about 45 hectares of land have been treated and the cultivation area has increased.
  • Construction of pond, check dam has also been ensured increasing the water availability for irrigation and vagitable production.
  • The average water lable of the project area has increased.
  • The activities has provided space for women participate in decision making, work monitoring and execution.
  • Migration level dropped during the period of construction with working days.