Co-operative Movement

Cooperative established a society called, Sakhi Credit Cooperative Society’ (SCCS) to spread the sense of cooperativism immensely. SCCS came in existence in 2003, registered under the CG Cooperative Act 1976. From the date of its initiation, SCCS is providing financial support to the  cooperative groups in the terms of lending the money and depositing of savings.  M.S.K.P.P. has been farming self-help groups (SHGs) in its every intervention as a entry point coin activities for the implementation at grass root level . SHG provide platfarms through which women can acquire new information skill and economic self –reliance. It is a social Banking system which is run managed and controlled by the rural women. About 8,949 women are active member of SAKHI Co-operative and 702 groups and 1205 individiuals has opened there account with a total saving of 48,06,074.00  and membership of over 8,949 women. All there groups have been the banks and have utilized bank loan more than one. In some groups/individuals even third fourth time. Activities like agriculture, Milk production, Bamboo craft, Vegetable production, N.T.F.P., Group cultivation, goat rearing and credit for agriculture input carried out by these group for economic self reliance of women. The Sakhi activities implemented through its 15 cluster  (each cluster covered 15 village and 30 groups), and 3 cluster coordination offices. This activities have made a quite visible impact on the live of women. Sakhi Credit Co-operative is a women co-operative cum women’s Bank Sakhi swawlamban unit this is promoting cottage industry is based at the Masturi center. This is a cooperative of women’s producing papad, pickle, bags, milk production, organic farming, food processing, fisheries, seeds & fertilizer, provision store etc. It is produced by the women in Masturi production center with the women’s has made a market linkage govt. Schools. It is supplied in (M.D.M.) mid day meal. The women have been able to earn additional family income, thus attaining greater financial security. It has promoting Bamboo crafts and its value addition. Sakhi women Bank is supporting for the income generation activities and promoting self-sustainability. Now women are feeling more security and confidant.