Sakhi publishes a bimonthly publication named ‘Sakhi Samvad’. Four members editorial board publishes it. In its publications, issues related Micro-Finance, Local self-governance, Human Rights and Cooperatives get place. Besides it, various important issues, which are more relevant for women and villagers, are included. It also gives place to issues having contemporary debates i.e. violence made against women, acts related women’s domain and women’s participation in local self governance etc. This publication provides a platform to tribal, poor and deprived women.

To strengthen the efforts are being done so far, a magazine is being published that creates a interface between organization’s efforts and masses. This magazine is distributed among villagers without any price. Mangzine “Bat Panchayat Ki” pubsished quaterly it. Its publication in majar issues of PRI (Local self Governance), its related act, rules and program. This is the important magzine of local villager and panchayat representatives because Contents of magazines are related to contemporary debates and issues of panchayati raj, rights and duties, awareness and Panchayati laws.

Sakhi Samvad

Quarterly magazine

Papers, magazines and books etc. are a major means of providing contact and information. Information of current events, development works and activities is published in a magazine and communicated to the women of the field. The women belonging to the group live in rural areas, to give information about various activities and activities to them, through the magazine ‘Sakhi Samvad’ published by the MSKPP. Good works being done by sisters in rural areas are published and various schemes and news of governance are published in Sakhi Samvad so that women can get information from it.


  • To be aware of various activities and activities to the common people, especially to women associated with the group.
  • News based on issues of rights are published.To publish the rights, laws related to women in simple language so that the woman of the village can also know about this easily
  • To provide information to the members of the group in a simple manner while sitting at home.
  • Publish articles to bring gender equality so that inequality prevails in society.