Organic Farming

Training an exposure on Development of Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming:

Organization did this activity with the devloyment of SHGs, Women and marginalized farmers. Training was focused on the preparation of Vermi-compost, fertilizers, Herbal Pesticides, and other pesticides prepared from local and folk means. Organization deployed a trainer who is giving this training in villages under cover the projects. Identified farmers for Sustainable agriculture in this villages Niratu, Bhimoripara, Jewara, Mohanpur, Shivpur, Mahatopara, Odangi, Sajapali, Khondra, Karichhapar and Kanai. In villages trained by Mr. Guha Singh Raj trainer of organisation. In this village sulected farmers exposure.
Two days training on Sustainable agriculture development has organized on dated 30-09-2008 to 01/10/2008 at Ganiyari village to promote the sustainable agricultures trough promotion of compost fertilizer, herbal pesticides, Vermi compost and traditional seeds etc. We have already introduced the Vermi compost, Nadep, in the selected villages. 40 farmers have motivated and prepare for Nadep tank and use it on the paddy.
Support the organic former for organic agriculture through revolving fund.