Local Self Governance

   Autonomous panchayat

Background- From 2010 reservation of 50% of women participation in Chhatisgarh local panchayati raj came into force. From lasts 10 years our organisation is working towards capacity building of panchayat representative.  Due to efforts of our work in the previous elections masturi blocks 106 panchayats, 56 panchayat women have won the elections.

These women sarpanch, sub-sarpanch and panch are being trained by making 5 panchayats as clusters for training, capacity addition, information about panchayat law, policy making etc. District Panchayat is situated in Masturi, 106 panchayat, 56 Mahila Panchayat 57 Panchayat is situated in a length of about 75 km between Jondhara to Khondhara, Arpa to Lilagar river. The head of the group formed under the Sakhi by the institution MSKPPP, Bilaspur, was given leadership ability to change his thinking and motivated him to participate in elections for participation in local self-government, which resulted in women in the last elections. Through the victory of 56 seats out of 106 panchayat of Masturi block, many women have also won free seats.


  • Increase the participation of women in power.
  • Construction of strong Mahila Panchayat Federation.
  • Bringing gender equality in the field of work.
  • Make women aware of special rights they get in the workplace.
  • To make women aware of solutions to the problems faced in the workplace.
  • Appose against violence and injustice happening in the workplace towards women.
  • The women sarpanch should herself lead the leadership.
  • Be free from exploitation atrocities on women sarpanch.
  • Complete 50% participation in local self-government.
  • Get complete information related to women’s rights law.
  • Adherence to gender budget
  • Traveling allowance to sarpanches.
  • Fixed honorarium

This meeting is held once in every three months in which training is being given in a systematic manner on different current topics. After the elections, information is being given about the capacity development of women representatives, sarpanch, sub-sarpanch, responsibility and role of panch, their rights and duties in panchayat, construction of permanent committees and their utility, how to solve the problem, etc. Ever since there was 33 per cent reservation for women in the Raj, the organization MSKPP was about empowerment of women in Panchayati Raj with women.

The leadership of the group formed under Sakhi was motivated to participate in elections for participation in local self-government by giving leadership a change in their thinking, which resulted in women winning 56 seats in the last elections by women.

Women sarpanch and panch are being oriented in relation to Panchayati Raj by making 6 panchayat clusters for their problems and empowerment. For this work, the organization worked in three phases, before the first phase, during the second phase and after the third phase. At present, work is being done between Mahila Sarpanch, Upasarpanch and Mahila Panch of 56 Panchayats. In which information is being provided about the role and responsibility of the panchayat to work smoothly and how to solve the problem occurring in the panchayat

56 Mahila Panchayat is divided into 6 Panchayat Centers, the information about which is as follows: –
Panchayat Center 1

The names of the villages Masturi,
Panchayat Centers- Pendri, Sargwan, Koni, Etwa, Vedaparasada, Chaiha, Dodki, Bakarakuda, Budikhar, Kirari.

Panchayat Center 2
Village names- Pachapedi
Panchayat Center- Chisda, Binouri, Kewatra, Jalso, Patteeh, Dhanangwa, Sulouni.

Panchayat Center 3
Names of villages
Panchayat Center- Chisda, Loharsi, Jondhara, Parsadi, Kukudikala, Basantpur, Son, Sonasari, Godadih.

Panchayat Center 4
The names of the villages – Manikchairi,
Panchayat Centers – Kokdi, Manwa, Hardi, Bhakchaida, Amgaon, Bahtara, Gidhapuri, Thakurdeva.

Panchayat Center 5
The names of the villages – Jayaramnagar,
Panchayat Center – Bhanesar, Mudpar, Rakan, Gataura, Bhadaura.

Panchayat Center 6
The names of the villages – Sipat,
Panchayat Center- Deori, Nawagaon, Jhalamla, Gudi, Hindadih, Sothi, Juhli, Kukda, Kuli, Lotra, Baniyadih, Tharakpur.

Name of Panchayat Kendra: –
1. Mast
2. Cradle
4.Manic Cherry
6. Jairam Nagar