Empowering Feminity

MSKPP touches most of aspects of feminism that are under discourse in present. It launches its effort ranges from health, education, farming, employment, violence and condition of women with in the household. As local culture creates barriers on the way of advancement of women, organization follows certain programmes like entrepreneurship and skill development to develop women overall. Organization also arranges their exposures visit. As, Chhattisgarh has one-third tribal of its total population, all these things are very appropriate to tribal women that contributes very much to improve their life. Organization is giving boost to feminism through its networking netted on local and national level. Women’s concerns get its place in each and every activity of organization. It is facilitating to organize women in one platform. Organization has fruitful connections with academia and feminists and barrierfree flow of information and debate of contemporary feminist issues. Every year celebration on Women’s day and discusion on most women’s issue.
M.S.K.P.P. is developing a society system through focusing on women in adopted village that is controlled by weaker worker and farming section of society and on one hands fight against the local explanation.

  •  Training on SHGs management.
  •  District level workshop on women issues.
  • Formation of Women’s Fedration.
  • Campaning Agains Voilence.
  •  Training of selected share holder of Sakhi.
  •  Training of executive members of Sakhi.
  •  Exposure of board member of Sakhi.
  •  Leadership training.
  •  Celebration of international women’s day.
  •  Gender sensitization training.