Rural Ecosystems play a decisive role in determining the well being and livelihoods of people. Healthy ecosystems ensure food and water security, enhance soil fertility, promote biodiversity, and mitigate floods, droughts and several other natural calamities. The robustness of an ecosystem is thus, of prime importance in strengthening the quality of rural life in India. While the value of ecosystem services such as fresh water, soil and non –timber forest products was around 9% of the national GDP, it amounts to 61% of the income of India’s rural poor.

Due to the outcome of rapid climate and human activities change, ecosystems are degraded in rural India today This is also the root cause of Rural Poverty.

MSKPP Focused Approach

MSKPPs Ecosystem oriented approach strives to promote ecosystem restoration in a sustainable manner.

It focuses on increasing people’s adaptive capacity through the sustainable use, conservation and restoration of ecosystems, their services, and biodiversity. 

MSKPP’s for Ecosystem-based Adaptation

MSKPP’s is derived from the contribution and rich experience of various individuals in ecosystem restoration and sustainable development.

A set of important conditions are necessary – material adequacy , security & freedom from fear of insufficiency, discrimination and conflict, freedom of choice and good health. These result in an empowered community that lives in dignity and that enjoys well-being.

MSKPP understands and respects the interconnectedness of the various components of the engine and takes the necessary steps (adapt) so as to strike the balance that will maintain the equilibrium.

Contribution to National Sustainability