Why Agriculture

Unsustainable agricultural practise and Land deterioration have led to a loss of productivity. India’s Agriculture productivity  is lowest in comparison to other countries.

Farmers in rainfed areas earn only 20-30 per cent whereas farmers in irrigated areas earn 60 percent of their income from agriculture, 

Our Interventions

MSKPP increases productivity and profitability; makes farming activities adaptible to climate  and conducive to nature; and works with communities to prevent land degradation. Our climate resilient agriculture approach helps farmers reduce risks of climate change, lessen the cost of cultivation, increase productivity and build their adjustment capacities.

Our Impact on Soil


Cost of production is lessened.


Increase in
horticulture coverage


Government Linkage with farmers


Soil fertility has increased 

Program Highlights

Rain water Harvesting

Natural Water Management for Livelihood

Narwa Garva Ghurwa Badi

Bio Gas

Harnessing the natural resources Village Koni, Bilaspur district women cooperative are irrigating 120 acres of farm land belonging to 27 families using lift irrigation and reaping two crops in a year. Earlier these 27 families used to migrate to other state in search of work.


In 2011, 50 women came forward to make a womens cooperative. To raise ground water level for harvesting they build pits by themselves did manual labour to conserve natural water. They are using the ARPA river water to irrigate their 120 acres farm land by intex irrigation. 
From 2011 they are not migrating and education level has increased more people are literate.
As a result women have are actively participating in local self governance. Smt Koshalya bai has become panch, Smt Anjani jaiwal, sarpanch, smt Revati Kevat, panch, smt Shiv Kumari Shukla in Girls School Poshan Aayar, Smt Koshalya Shukla , Kasturi Shukla, Sumitra Health workers. They have earning their livelhood by doing dairy, agriculture.