Target Groups
The groups of women, scheduled castes and tribal people, small farmers and those classes who are victims of neglect while staying within the boundaries of the state.

The all round development of the society, the creation of a healthy self-government where there is equal participation of women.  Women should be independent for every task, they should decide for their own benefit that they are acceptable, and all the people should be self-reliant financially, socially and politically.


Improve the economic condition of women, round-the-clock development of the society, all the people of the society, by strengthening their position, continuously increase their confidence and develop the nation working in the direction of development and progress of the society.

  • Making women financially self reliant.
  • To provide self-employment to unemployed and illiterate women.
  • Reducing maternal and infant mortality.
  • Working against female violence and making people aware of it.
  • To increase the participation of women under local self-government.
  • To create awareness for forest (natural) conservation.
  • Promoting organic farming.
  • To work for permanent livelihood.
  • To make the needy aware of income-taxing activities.
  • Bringing gender equality in society.
  • To prevent the violation of women’s rights and to make them aware of their rights

1-    Cooperative

  • Credit cooperative
  • Paddy Cooperative
  • Dairy Cooperative
  • Paapad (gerh udyog) Cooperative

2-    Income generating Activities

  • Dairy
  • Bamboo 

3-    Livelihood Support

  • Ponds,Gabiyan Construction

4-    Trainings

5-    Networking Of  NGO’S

6-    Local Self Governance

7-    Voilence Against Women