M.S.K.P.P is working as a facilitator thereby increasingly involving Mahila Mandals, Community based organization and village development community in the development process. High quality initiatives in land, forest and water development focus on enhancing rural livelihoods from natural resource management and organic activities initiatives in there areas.
Improvement in water management is essential to raise agriculture productivity and to reduce land degradation and water crisis. Conservation of water and soil has emerged as a prominent development issues to be addressed during the project planing in our project areas. To improve agriculture productivity focus on this issue is closely related to other far-reaching social problem of small and marginal farmer. M.S.K.P.P. has taken up this issue of increasing the agree-productivity of dry land poor farmer through creating awareness on indigenous and modern method of soil and water conservation by giving technical and financial support in construction of small structure i.e Stop dam, Earthen dam, land leveling, water storage the SHRI TECHNIC 1/4 of land deegnig. Check dam, pond deepening, renovation of pond, well and water harvesting structures. This intervention gains importance in the areas where the aim of soil and water conservation is also to reduce the drudgery of the poor farmer by increasing the fertility of the soil through indigenous and modern methods that is cost effective.