Chhattisgarh is facing the sever problem of sustainability of rural livelihood. Lack of permanent sources of livelihood causes scarcity of minimum requirement of living the life and ultimately resulted many problems like migration and drain of labour and economy. Organization is actively putting its efforts in securing livelihood among rural dwellers. It emphasizes sustainability of livelihood through community efforts. Organization is promoting rural poor, specially women to come on the front in the form of cooperative groups. Organization is making facilities for following trade to assure the means of livelihood-
1. Milk Production
2 Organic Farming
3. Vegetable Production
4. Small enterprises based on forest produces as Bamboo
5. Food Processing , i.e. production of Jam, Jally,
Badi and Papad etc.
6. Vocational Training.
7. Bamboo craft.
Organization is providing skill building and financial support to groups with their engagement in above-mentioned activities through the training and workshops. Organization is also promotes individual, mainly women, to generate the income by the above prescribed means.